It is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Chania and the whole island. The pretty tired from looting, old town is full of picturesque narrow, stone-built pedestrian streets and sights of enormous historical significance. Historically it is worth mentioning that the old town of Chania burned and bombed several times in its long history.

 The conquerors took care to leave their own stamp on every part of the Old Town. Regarding the Egyptian Lighthouse, the Venetian port and the Ottoman Yali Tzami are some of the buildings that have survived and complete the mosaic image of the Old Town.

Guests of Old Town have the opportunity to wander through the narrow and admire the countless attractions. Sights of historical and cultural significance that illustrate the favorable position it was built and wanted to conquer. More specifically in the Old Town you will find the Venetian harbor, the Egyptian Lighthouse, the square of Splanzia, fountain, fortress Firka, the Maritime Museum of Crete, the great Arsenal, the dockyards, the Yali Tzami and Chania metropolis.

Today the Old Town is home to various businesses such as hotels, restaurants, shops and more.


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